All About Lollipop Plant

All About Lollipop Plant: How to Grow, Care and Benefits

Introduction to Lollipop Plant


The Lollipop Plant is also known by the name of Pachystachys lutea. It grows in the tropics with its exquisite foliage and yellow flowers that look like lollipops. Consequently the plant has been grown for its ornamental values. As the lollipop plant can thrive in warm and sultry conditions, it likes sunlight and consistently moist soil.  The lollipop plant is a native to the regions of Central and South America. The plant is a must have for anyone looking to elevate their garden aesthetics. 

Read on to find out more about the lollipop plant. 



What is the use of the lollipop plant?


All About Lollipop Plant


The lollipop plant is primarily grown for ornamental landscaping. Its lush green foliage and vibrancy of the yellow cheerful flowers with lollipop-like spikes make it a popular choice for gardeners. It can also be grown indoors in pots and planters. Aesthetics are the primary reason to grow this plant and it will freshen up your room, and spirit alike. Their beauty is used to enhance decor.

The plant is commonly found in Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador. Being a tropical plant it has a sultry and humid temperament and thrives when it is met with such conditions.


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How to Grow a Lollipop Plant?


All About Lollipop Plant


To grow the Lollipop Plant, it is important to choose the method of stem cutting, as the method is efficient and result giving. Growing a lollipop plant is easy. Follow these steps to Grow a Lollipop Plant:


  • Select a healthy stem cutting from a mature plant ranging about 4 to 6 inches in length. Make sure that there are no leaves or flowers attached to the stem.  
  • Now use a sharp and clean knife to cut off the stem and prepare the Cutting for planting in the soil. 
  • After placing the stem in the potting mix, pour some water and allow excess to drain. Maintain levels of moisture to ensure that the plant gets proper nutrients. 
  • The next step is to cover the stem cutting so that the humidity is maintained. Use a plastic bag to facilitate humidity. Place the bag in a warm and bright place with indirect sunlight. 
  • When you see the roots developing, plant this system into a planter with well drainage holes and a potting soil mix suited for the Lollipop plant or else you can also plant it in your garden


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How to care for a lollipop plant?


All About Lollipop Plant


The lollipop plant is a great way to bring in the tropical climate of Brazil indoors, to grow a Lollipop Plant it needs proper care and support, proper care includes providing bright light and meeting the humidity requirements of the plant, there are a few plant care tips that you must follow, read on to find out care tips for the Lollipop Plant:


  1. Sunlight Requirements 
  2. Temperature Requirements 
  3. Selection of the Soil 
  4. Watering Frequency 
  5. Humidity Regulation 
  6. Fertilisation Schedule 
  7. Pruning and Trimming
  8. Selection of the Pot


  • Sunlight Requirements: The lollipop plant thrives in bright, indirect light. The plant is a tropical plant so the plant likes filtered sunlight, although the plant does not like shade, it can tolerate some amount of shade.
  • Temperature Requirements: The Lollipop Plants prefer warm temperatures and the ideal temperature that the plant likes is between 18 to 24°C. The lollipop plant must be shaded from inconsistent drop in temperatures or protected from drafts and cold weather in general.
  • Selection of the Soil: When it comes to the lollipop plant, a peat-based soil mix with added perlite or sand is the best that you can offer to the plant. Make sure that the soil remains consistently moist but try not to overwater the soil.
  • Watering Frequency: It is important to keep the soil moist. Water when the top inch of soil feels dry. Prevent letting the soil dry out completely. Underwatering will kill the plant.
  • Humidity Regulation: The lollipop plant likes high humidity. Use a humidifier and provide high humidity if possible. Misting the leaves or placing a humidifier either way you can make the conditions right for the plant.
  • Fertilisation Schedule: The plant likes a balanced fertiliser dosage every 2-4 weeks during the growing season. Avoid fertilising during the dormant seasons.
  • Pruning and Trimming: Pruning will help your summer lollipop plant shine through and through. It will ensure that the plant maintains its shape. Trim down any leggy or stems that have faded out.
  • Selection of the Pot: If you are growing the plant indoors, select a well-draining pot with ample drainage holes. While the plant outgrows the container, select a planter that is just the right size.


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To wrap it up, that was all about How to Grow, Care Tips and Benefits of the lollipop plant. The lollipop plant is a beauty to behold. Growing primarily in tropical regions it needs tropical plant care. To know more about Greens and plants follow us at Greenkin

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