All About Aster Flower | How to Grow, Care, Benefits, & Types

All About Aster Flower | How to Grow, Care, Benefits, & Types

Introduction to Aster Flower


The Aster flower is a vibrant flower that symbolises quiet and elegance. The plant is most sought after by gardeners and plant enthusiasts. The plant bears beautiful flowers that have ornamental value due to their vibrancy in colours. The Aster flower is also known by the name of Michaelmas daisy. The plant is called so because it looks like a daisy. The plant due to its colourful palette attracts lots of butterflies and hummingbirds. 

Read on to find out how you can use Aster Flower in Landscaping. 


Characteristic Of Aster Flower


All About Aster Flower - Characterisitcs


The Aster flower is characterised by how it looks, similar to a daisy flower. The flower of the plant is known for its certain characteristics that makes it different from other varieties of flowers. Here are a few of them:

  1. Flower Shape  
  2. Late Blooming  
  3. Choice in the variety of colours 
  4. Attracting Pollinators
  5. Long-lasting bloom
  6. Adaptability   


1. Flower Shape: Aster flowers usually are shaped like a daisy and hence the name Michaelmas daisy. The shape is typically of a disc in the middle surrounded by flowers or petals. 

2. Late Blooming: The flower blooms in the late summers and lasts till the autumn season so Aster flowers are a way to add colour to your garden till later on during the year.

3. Choice in the variety of colours: The Aster Flower is a great way to add colours to your garden as they come in a wide display of hues ranginging from serene white to beautiful purples and even in ravishing reds!

4. Attracting Pollinators: Aster flowers due to its vivid variety of colours adds not only beauty to the landscape but also invites pollinators like bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and thus stimulates a healthy garden ecosystem.

5. Long-lasting bloom: The Aster flower stays put fresh in vases relatively longer compared to other flowers while you are making a flower arrangement.

6. Adaptability: Aster flowers adapt easily to various soil types and hence are suited for a variety of soil types and garden settings. 

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How to grow Aster Flower


All About Aster Flower | How to Grow


To grow Aster flowers easily in your garden, here are some steps to follow:

  1. Select a proper location
  2. Prepare the soil before planting
  3. Plant the seeds or the seedlings 
  4. Water it down and wait for the plant to sprout.


1. Select a proper location: Pick  the right spointo plant your Aster Plant in your garden such that the plant receives full bright light or partial filtered shade. Aster plant thrives well in well-drained soil that is  moist.

2. Prepare the soil before planting: Before planting the seedlings into the soil, make sure that the soil is enriched with compost. This step will help in improving fertility and drainage of the soil.

3. Plant the seeds or the seedlings: Now, plant the aster seeds or seedlings. Make sure to provide optimal space to the plants according to their specific variety.

4. Water it down and wait for the plant to sprout: To help the plant to grow in full swing, keep the soil moist. Although the aster plant is somewhat drought-tolerant, it is maintained from regular watering for good growth.


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Aster Flower season in India


All About Aster Flower | How to Grow, Care, Benefits, & Types


In India, Aster flowers typically bloom during the cooler months of the year, which are autumn and winter. Depending on the specific variety and region, you can expect to see Aster flowers in full bloom from October to February. However, this may vary slightly based on local climate conditions and the specific variety of Aster being grown.


Benefits of Aster Flower

Aster flowers offer several benefits, some of the benefits of keeping the aster flower in your space are as follows:

  1. The plant attracts pollinators.
  2. The flowers have an ornamental value.
  3. There are some medicinal uses of the plant.
  4. The plant supports the overall ecosystem of the garden.


1. The plant attracts pollinators: The Aster plants are an excellent way to attract pollinators like butterflies, bees or hummingbirds as these insects are attracted by the colourful flowers that the plant bears. In turn adding a charming beauty to your landscape.

2. The flowers have an ornamental value: The flowers that the after plant bears are daisy-like and have an ornamental value. The aster flowers have an extended shelf life. So, the aster plant flowers are sought after by gardeners and plant enthusiasts.

3. There are some medicinal uses of the plant: There are some species of the Aster plant that have medicinal properties and are used to treat digestive issues and respiratory issues alike. 

4. The plant supports the overall ecosystem of the garden: As the Aster plant attracts Pollinators and insects the Aster plant helps in balancing the ecosystem of the garden.  



Medicinal benefits of Aster Flower 

Species of the Aster plant like the Aster tataricus and Asteraceae family, are known for their medicinal properties. According to traditional herbal medicinal practises, the medicinal benefits of Aster flowers include:

  1. Respiratory support
  2. Having anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Providing a digestive aid.


1. Respiratory support: The Aster flowers are used to help in issues such as bronchitis and asthma. The flower of the plant is believed to expel phlegm from the respiratory tract. 

2. Having anti-inflammatory properties: According to traditional medicinal practices, the compounds present in the Aster Flowers possess anti-inflammatory properties and help in reducing system symptoms of arthritis.

3. Providing a digestive aid: The flowers of the plant provide a digestive aid and reduce castor intestinal discomfort. Use of the flower might also help with stomach illness and indigestion.



Vastu benefits of Aster Flower


According to Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture and design, flowers of the Aster Plant exude positivity. Here are some Vastu benefits of incorporating Aster flowers into your home or garden:

  1. Brings in an aura of positive energy.
  2. Colours that align with energies
  3. Brings in harmony.


1. Brings in an aura of positive energy: The colourful flowers of the aster plant are set to bring in positivity and are set to uplift the mood.

2. Colours that align with energies: The different colours of the afterflowers are said to have varying effects on the mood. According to vastu shastra, while the white flowers can bring calmness. The pink aster flowers symbolise affection.

3. Brings in harmony: According to vastu, keeping aster flowers indoors brings in a sense of harmony in the overall aesthetics of your space.

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How to care for Aster Flower


Aster flowers are easy to care for compared to other varieties of the flower bearing plants. Ensure the following guidelines to have healthy blooms of Aster Flower In your garden:

  1. Sunlight Requirements   
  2. Watering Frequency   
  3. Fertiliser Application 
  4.  Soil   
  5.  Mulching and Pruning


1. Sunlight Requirements : Aster plants require partial shades and bright light. Place the plant in such a way that it gets at least six hours of sunlight and enjoy the blooms of the aster flower. 

2. Watering Frequency : Water your Aster Plant consistently but do not waterlog the plant. Best thing to do is to water the aster plant deeply when the top soil is dry. Overwatering on the other hand causes plenty of diseases.

3. Fertiliser Application : Apply fertiliser to the plant and then in the spring as new growth emerges. The plant by itself does not require heavy fertilising. So, apply a fertiliser that is high in nitrogen content to ensure the plant blooms in full greenery.

4. Soil : The Aster plant is tolerant to a variety of soil types, ranging from different pH levels. The plant likes to be at a pH of 6.0 to 7.0.

5. Mulching and Pruning : Try to add in a layer of organic mulch,  around the base of your Aster plant. This will help in keeping the soil moist. Pruning on the other hand, helps making the plant more bushier and trimming down leggy keeps the plant in good shape such that the plant produces flowers more optimally.





That wraps up our guide on Aster flowers. The plant Is a must have if you want to boost an ornamentally rich garden. To know more things about all things green follow us at Greenkin

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