A Complete Guide to Football Lily | Care & Benefits

A Complete Guide to Football Lily | Care & Benefits

How to Care for Football Lily


Is the word "football lily" familiar to you? The plant Scadoxus multiflorus is sometimes called a "football lily." Because they look so different, these plants are often grown for decoration. They are referred to as football lilies due to the fact that their visually appealing flowers resemble footballs. However, this beautiful flower's root is incredibly poisonous.

How do I grow a football lily plant? How do I care for a football lily plant? Are football lilies good or bad? Read on to learn a complete guide to football lily, including care guidance & benefits.



What is the football lily plant?

A Complete Guide to Football Lily | Care & Benefits


A perennial plant with a false stem that comes from a rhizomatous bulb is called a football lily, or Scadoxus multiflorus. The football lily originates from the tropical regions of Asia & is also known for its brightly colored flowers. It has a long history of use in traditional medicine & is now cultivated for its attractive foliage.

Furthermore, the Football Lily gets its recognizable name from the appearance of the plant's petal tube. The petal tube shape resembles a football. It has an umbel cluster with up to 100 distinct flowers. This plant is grown for its brightly colored flowers & is also known as the football lily, the blood lily, the ball lily, the blood flower, the Katherine-wheel, the oxtongue lily, the poison root, & the powder puff lily. This versatile plant has dual purposes: as a decorative & a culinary herb. It can be grown on the ground or on a terrace.


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Football Lily Plant (Scadoxus multiflorus) Specifications (Table)




Scientific Name

Scadoxus multiflorus

Common Name

Football Lily

Hardiness Zones

Zones 8-11

Plant Type

Bulbous Perennial

Mature Height

12 to 24 inches

Mature Spread

12 to 18 inches

Bloom Time

Late Spring to Early Summer

Bloom Color

Red, Orange, Yellow



How do I grow the Football Lily Plant (Scadoxus multiflorus)?

A Complete Guide to Football Lily | Care & Benefits


To grow the football lily plant, you need to follow these steps:

  • Plant a football lily Plant in premium pots from early to mid-spring. Make sure the soil is ready by adding dense, sandy, or nutrient-rich soil & making sure it drains well.
  • Provide Football Lilies with minimal indirect lighting, keep the plant soil consistently moist, get rid of weeds, & keep the temperature stable (10–32°C). Also, avoid overwatering the plant.
  • To extend the blooming period, cut & trim spent flowers & the central leaf, leaving a bare trunk in terms of regrowth & flowering later in the year.
  • Regularly check for insects & bugs to prevent plant deterioration.
  • To propagate new football lilies, simply divide the plant while it's dormant (winter) & plant the resulting bulbs in nutrient-rich soil.


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How do I care for a football lily plant?

A Complete Guide to Football Lily | Care & Benefits


The following recommended maintenance steps to care for the football lily plant include:


1. Soil Requirement for Football Lily Plant:


Scadoxus multiflorus does best in dense, sandy, or nutrient-rich soil that drains well. If you want a healthy plant, mix soil & rich potting soil together when you put it in a pot. This makes the soil drain well & stay moist, which is good for growth.



2. Sunlight Requirements for the Football Lily Plant:


Football Lily plants can't handle direct sunlight, so they need bright, indirect sunshine. In most of India, the afternoon sun is extremely harmful for plants. To protect the football lily plant from direct sunlight, it will definitely benefit from afternoon shade. So, the Football Lily plants benefit greatly from the afternoon shade, which protects it from the harmful effects of direct sunlight.



3. Water Requirements for the Football Lily Plant:


The football lily plant requires moderate watering, so avoid overwatering. Put a halt to watering & let the plant dry out if it goes into dormancy (winter). But after dormancy, water them but let them dry before growth begins. Increase watering as the weather warms.



4. Fertilization Requirement for the Football Lily Plant:


Fertilization is an important part of gardening that involves adding nutrients to the soil to help plants grow & develop. During the growing season (late spring to early summer) of the Football Lily Plant, use a small amount of a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer once a month.


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Are football lilies good or bad?


There is something truly lovely & exquisite about these lilies. Most people are going to plant these pretty flowers. However, the bulbs of Scadoxus multiflorus are very simple to plant. But the roots of this type of plant can be poisonous.



Benefits of the football lily plant. (Health & Vastu)


The football lily plant is good for your health & Vastu in many ways, such as:


1. Health Benefits:


Planting indoor or outdoor plants has the ability to lower stress & make the air inside your home healthier. The main reason people like it is for decoration, but being around it can also be good for your health & give you a sense of well-being.



2. Vastu Benefits:


According to the Vastu Shastra, plants can change the flow of energy in a room. The football lily is said to bring in good energy & make a room feel better overall.

According to Vastu Shastra, putting football lilies in good directions will bring them health & wealth. To be lucky, face north or east. To be spiritually wise, face the north-east. Southwest, South, & West are unfavorable. Avoid bedrooms for peaceful sleep & place them near the entrance, living room, study, or workspace.


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The football lily is a unique & beautiful addition to any garden because of its stunning blossoms, low care needs, potential health, & Vastu benefits. It is a good choice for gardeners who want to improve the look of their indoor or outdoor spaces. However, carefully planting & taking care of the football lily is very important because it is very important for the plant's health.




Q1. What is the season for football lilies?

Ans. Football lilies thrive best during the late spring & early summer.

Q2. Are football lilies indoor or outdoor plants?

Ans. Both. Football lilies can be planted directly in the ground or in pots, both indoors & outdoors.

Q3. What is the use of the football lily?

Ans. People often use the football lily as an ornamental plant in their homes because of its brightly colored flowers.

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