Corporate: 13 Best Plants to Gift on World Environment Day

Corporate: 13 Best Plants to Gift on World Environment Day

2024 World Environment Day, with the subject "Beat Plastic Pollution," urges everyone to address the global environmental crisis of non-biodegradable garbage in our oceans, land, plants, and bodies. On World Environment Day, businesses may show their environmental commitment. Individual entrepreneurs or multinational megacorporations can make a significant statement on June 5. Sustainability is not only a marketing term. Sustainability in the corporate world is a major shift.

Thus, World Environment Day 2024 is the right opportunity to highlight corporate gifting and the shared role of businesses and individuals in creating a more sustainable lifestyle or gifting culture. Read on to discover how to host an eco-friendly office celebration of Environment Day and which plants are ideal for making corporate gifts on this special day. 


The Best Plants for Corporate Gifts on Environment Day


World Environment Day honours the diverse life on Earth. A living plant is a great corporate gift for the occasion. Giving live plants on World Environment Day is a welcome and collaborative way to address environmental issues. Many plants symbolise good luck and positive energy.

Therefore, giving one is a gesture of kindness to put our hands together to save and green our mother earth. Some of the best plants for corporate gifts on Environment Day are:

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 1) Peace Lily Green :


 Peace Lily Plant

The Peace Lily Green plant is a great World Environment Day gift since it purifies indoor air. Its beautifully arching green leaves and delicate white blossoms symbolise purity, just as nature's harmony triumphs over pollution.


 2) Aglaonema Pink Anjamani Plant :


Aglaonema Pink Anjamani Plant

 Aglaonema Pink Anjamani is a nice variety. Its gentle shades of pink make it ideal for World Environment Day gifts. This plant stays fresh and appealing for months, and its soft pink leaves are an eyecatcher. This variety reflects the environment and nature's beauty. 


3) Aglaonema Red Lipstick Plant :


 Aglaonema Red Lipstick Plant

The Aglaonema Red Lipstick is an excellent plant to give as a present on World Environment Day. Its bright red marking may convey a great message of burning concern for the immediate and substantial inscription of environmental protective measures in the business world.


4) Snake Plant :


 Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is a durable and cost-effective indoor air purifier with sword-shaped leaves. These vivid greens with spikes on top are a popular gift for World Environment Day because they symbolise resilience and provide oxygen around the clock to spread sustainability awareness.


5) Golden Pothos :


 Golden Pothos

The golden pothos represent loyalty and desire. This plant is perfect for the dreamers among us who are always trying new things, like bringing back Mother Nature's green power. Cool, right? It makes a lovely hanging arrangement that symbolises gradual, new heights. Celebrating World Environment Day with a gift is the perfect way to show your support.


6) Jade Plant :


Jade Plant

 Jade The jade plant's broad, glossy leaves symbolise prosperity and friendship. It promotes sustainability and environmental awareness when presented as a World Environment Day gift. It also represents a wish for a sustainable future.


7) ZZ Plant :


 ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant has shiny leaves and is strong and easy to care for. This plant will make a great World Environment Day gift thanks to its prominent symbol of endurance. It is a perfect living tribute to the ongoing, "quiet" work of plants.

Heart-leaf Philodendron: The Heart-leaf Philodendron adds beauty to World Environment Day with its dangling leaves. It cleanses the air well and symbolises environmental love. That makes this plant a great World Environment Day gift!


8) Peperomia :



A peperomia that is symbolic of “luck, self-reliance, and sustaining friendship” would be a great gift to offer on this World Environment Day. Peperomia's textures and patterns resemble nature's huge and small wonders. 


10) Lucky Bamboo :


Lucky Bamboo

 Lucky bamboo is versatile and easy to care for. It is referred to as "lucky" because of its association with good fortune and prosperity. As the name says, it wishes the receiver luck and success, making it an ideal World Environment Day gift.


11) Lotus Bamboo Plant :


 Lotus Bamboo Plant

The Lotus Bamboo Plant's spiral stems symbolise luck and enlightenment. This plant is an ideal World Environment Day gift because it promotes peace and also reflects the environment and nature's beauty.

Haworthia (succulents): If you want to show your support for the environment on World Environment Day, give a Haworthia plant as a gift. Their leaves store water, showing their ingenuity. Haworthia is a succulent that flourishes in arid, nutrient-poor conditions by storing water in its vascular bundles.


12) Ficus Compacta (Bonsai) :


 Ficus Compacta (Bonsai)

The Ficus Compacta (Bonsai) makes an excellent World Environment Day gift.  It is a miniature version (with a tiny tree-like appearance) of its universe. It also represents the harmony and balance we need with nature.


12) Birkin Plant :


 Birkin Plant

Birkin Plant leaves are gorgeous indoor plants. Their dark green leaves with white stripes and patches reflect nature's beautiful diversity. Gifting this plant on World Environment Day is an excellent choice.


How do I celebrate Eco-Friendly Environment Day in the corporate office? 


On the occasion of World Environment Day, promote sustainable practices in the workplace. For example:

  1. Gift A live plant: Give employees or business partners potted plants for their desks to show appreciation. It's a simple way to show your colleagues that you care about their needs and want to make their workday better. The gesture is more than just a moment—it's a daily reminder of the giver and their feelings under your leadership.
  2. Hold a sustainability workshop: Invite a local expert to lead a sustainability workshop. Prepare all the details to make the event successful. Keep the workshop moving by asking questions or involving the audience after your sustainability expert discusses their priorities. Any excellent workshop relies on relevant content, so focus on items your audience will care about.
  3. Team-building activities like tree planting: Tree planting is a wonderful team-building activity that shows your office's environmental commitment. If your firm has an outdoor space to grow trees, this may be helpful. Making this a joint activity could provide employees with a feel-good experience they recall.
  4. Switch to green office supplies: use recycled paper, refillable pens, and energy-efficient electronics. Convince others to use reusable mugs and water bottles. Pledge to eliminate plastic waste. Green corporate giving has caught companies' attention.


The Takeaway


Make World Environment Day 2024 the start of a huge company transformation. Promote sustainability, employee well-being, and plastic reduction through corporate contributions.

Choosing eco-friendly presents and living sustainably. Eco-friendly company gifts and meaningful World Environment Day Celebrations are not just gestures. You are building an eco-friendly framework for the organisation's future.

Thus, you are truly fulfilling corporate responsibility, and every little bit counts. 

So, let's encourage people to go green with eco-friendly corporate plant gifts. The best Greenkin plants for corporate gifts on Environment Day are Peace Lily Green, Aglaonema Pink Anjamani Plant, Aglaonema Red Lipstick Plant, Snake Plant, Golden Pothos, Jade Plant, ZZ Plant, Heart-leaf Philodendron, Peperomia, Lucky Bamboo, Lotus Bamboo Plant, Haworthia (Succulents), Ficus Compacta (Bonsai), Birkin Plant and more.

And celebrate a green lifestyle on Environment Day in the workplace by offering live plants, holding seminars, teams-building activities, and encouraging a transition from alarming plastic to go green challenge.

As we celebrate World Environment Day, Greenkin hopes that you do all in your power to make this a really memorable occasion.

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