Philodendron Moonshine Care Guide

Philodendron Moonshine Care Guide: Tips for Healthy Growth

Philodendron Moonshine Care Guide

Take a look at the bright and beautiful foliage of the plant and you’ll know why it is called Philodendron Moonshine. It does bring a natural shine, a new dimension to your room with its wonderful personality. Though it belongs to the philodendron family, this plant does not grow into a vine. Instead, it grows upright and its broad oval leaves give it a beautiful touch. 

A beginner-friendly plant, this one can easily bring a tropical vibe to your space. So, are you ready to learn about caring for this plant? Let’s get to our care tips for the Philodendron Moonshine without further ado.


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How to grow Philodendron Moonshine?

Philodendron Moonshine Care Guide


To grow a Philodendron Moonlight:

  • Provide bright, indirect sunlight, well-draining soil, moderate watering, and maintaining a temperature of 18-32ºC and 50% humidity. 
  • Prune the plant, fertilize periodically, and boost humidity as required. 
  • Other growing tips such as repot biannually, using organic matter-rich soil, avoiding moisture-retaining crystals, and keeping the soil moist but not soaking wet. Also, avoid direct sunshine to prevent leaf burning.



Is Philodendron Moonshine easy to care for?

Philodendron Moonshine Care Guide - How to Care


Yes, the Philodendron Moonshine is a tropical hybrid plant with bright green leaves, easy to care for, growing indoors or outdoors. Once you understand the type of light conditions and the watering schedules that keep this plant happy, it only asks for a little.

Also, Philodendron Moonshine can be propagated through cuttings. Plan this activity during summer when the most growth happens.


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How to Care for Philodendron Moonshine?

Philodendron Moonshine Care Guide


The following recommended maintenance steps to care for Philodendron Moonshine includes:


1. Sunlight Needs:


How much sunlight does Philodendron Moonshine need? Named after the moon, this plant needs sunlight to grow its bright colors. It prefers bright windows in a room, but not directly. Whether you place the plant indoors or outdoors, ensure that it gets moderate to bright indirect light. The plant cannot tolerate direct light. It can easily dry out the plant and also burn the leaves.



2. Temperature Maintenance:


Philodendron Moonshine loves warmth. So, temperatures in the range of 18-32 oC are perfect for healthy growth in these plants. However, the plant might not be able to tolerate extreme temperature changes.



3. Watering Routine:


How often should you water Philodendron Moonshine? Philodendron Moonshine has to be watered once or twice a week but the pot should also have good drainage. Moreover, depending on the ambient temperature, the time it takes for the topsoil to dry out slightly differs and this determines the frequency of watering the plant. In short, you might find yourself watering the plant slightly more often during summer or less often during winter.



4. Proper Humidify:


The Philodendron Moonlight, a tropical plant, thrives in high humidity levels of 50% or higher but can tolerate lower humidity levels. Use a humidifier or mist the plants occasionally when the air is dry to keep them thriving.


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5. Growth Potential Knowledge: 


How big does Philodendron Moonshine get? A matured Philodendron Moonshine can reach a height of about 2 feet. The plant grows into a bushy beauty that adds so much life to the space.



6. Fertilization Timing:


Philodendron Moonshine loves getting a mild fertilizer every month. But yes, like most indoor plants, you do not have to fertilize the plant during winter.



7. Safety Understanding For Pets:


Philodendron Moonshine, a plant with a mildly toxic effect on pets, can be particularly harmful when consumed in large amounts.



8. Other Challenges and Troubleshooting:


Underwatering or overwatering, direct sunlight, and soil drying can cause yellowing, drooping, curling, browning, and dry leaf tips in Philodendron Moonshine plants. It is recommended to allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering. If the soil dries out quickly, all you need to do is water it more often.


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The Philodendron Moonshine plant, a hybrid cultivar with lime-green leaves, is a stunning, low-maintenance plant that enhances any room's aesthetic appeal in bright sunlight and upright positions. Also, Philodendron Moonshine, which can be kept in optimal condition with the help of the guidelines above, is an instant source of brightness and cheer up for any interior.




Q1. What temperature range can Philodendron Moonshine tolerate?

Ans. Philodendron Moonshine thrives best in temperatures between 18-32 oC for healthy growth, but may not tolerate extreme temperature changes.

Q2. Does Philodendron Moonshine need humidity?

Ans. Philodendron Moonshine loves humidity and might need occasional misting when the ambient air gets dry.

Q3. How often should you add fertilizer to Philodendron Moonshine?

Ans. Like other indoor plants, Philodendron Moonshine needs modest fertilizer monthly but not in winter.

Q4. What should you do if Philodendron Moonshine's leaves are turning yellow?

Ans. Direct sunlight and overwatering lead Philodendron Moonshine plant leaves to yellow.

Q5. What should you do if Philodendron Moonshine's leaves are drooping?

Ans. Philodendron Moonshine leaves may droop and curl when underwatered. Check soil moisture and watering frequency if soil drying out quickly, rather than letting the potting mix dry out completely.

Q6. What should you do if Philodendron Moonshine's leaves have dry tips?

Ans. Philodendron Moonshine leaf tips typically turn brown and dry when exposed to direct sunlight, but can also experience issues due to overwatering or underwatering.

Q7. Is Philodendron Moonshine safe for pets?

Ans. Philodendron Moonshine can be mildly toxic to pets especially if the leaves are ingested in large amounts.

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