How to Care for Snake Plant Black Jack

How to Care for Snake Plant Black Jack

How to Grow and Care for Snake Plant Black Jack


An original resident of tropical Africa; from Nigeria east to the Congo and with an exquisite foliage, a showpiece for your windowsill, like any other snake plant coming from the Dracaena family this one also has a common name, as the Mother in law’s tongue. We are talking about the Snake Plant Black Jack.


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Snake Plant Black Jack Care Guide

How to Care for Snake Plant Black Jack

The Black Jack is a brilliant addition and a renewing green idea. After all, keeping it is easy,  a child’s play. If you've ever seen it then no doubt it has got you thinking. It's time you know everything about the plant before unpacking the plant from the box.This plant can help you to connect with your outer world again and help you design better living spaces. 

Planning to bring home a Snake Plant Black Jack?

Read on to understand the care requirements of this plant. 


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How to Grow a Snake Plant Black Jack?

How to Care for Snake Plant Black Jack

While you are growing your Snake Plant Black Jack, the best way to propagate is through leaf cuttings. Propagate the plant carefully for stable growth as it takes a long time to grow, and has slow growth rate compared to other plants. It is important to note that propagating through leaves is a method that has a higher success rate. Division can also be used to propagate this plant, but leaf cuttings are the way to go! 

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How much sunlight does Snake Plant Black Jack need?


Looking for a small little houseplant for your cubicle? The Snake Plant Black Jack is what you want and need. This plant loves brightly lit spaces. Nothing can match the mysterious allure of the Black Jack Snake plant. 

To keep the plant healthy and shiny, the Snake Plant Black Jack requires shielding it from direct sunlight. Evidently, low light can make the leaves dry and slow down the growth of this plant. Find a spot in the middle of a room, to protect the gorgeous eaves and to keep the plant healthy and happy

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How Often Should You Water Snake Plant Black Jack?

When it comes to watering, the Snake Plant Black Jack requires less watering as compared to your other house plants. Regulate watering as the need arises, not compulsively. Over pampering and over attention may hamper the quality of the soil and thus may lead to root rot.

Make sure you give ample amount of time for the soil to dry out. Now the Snake plant Black Jack is able to soak up all the nutrients of its soil with the aid of water, just in right quantities. If you overindulge in watering, the plant can spoil in no amount of time. 

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How big does Snake Plant Black Jack get?


The Snake Plant Black Jack can reach a height of about 1.5 feet. Needless to say they are slow growers and thriving on their independencey. The Black Jack is a brilliant built, to hit just the right spots of emotions of resilience and strength wherever placed. 



Is Snake Plant Black Jack easy to care for?

When it comes to care and maintainence the Black Jack Snake Plant does not ask for more. It is a low maintenance and easy to care succulent. In addition to that, it will thrive on minimum amount of time and effort provided by you.

With little care and proper drainage the plant can be your best friend. 

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That wraps up our care guide for the Snake Plant Black Jack. Light up even the smallest desk space or gift it to your friends and family, the plant won't mind. 




Q1. What temperature range can Black Jack Snake plant tolerate?

Ans. The Black Jack Snake plant is happy in places with temperatures between 19°C and 29°C.

Q2. Does the Black Jack Snake plant need humidity?

Ans. In terms of humidity, the optimal is 30% to 50%.

Q3. How often should you add fertiliser to the Black Jack Snake plant?

Ans. The plant does not need to be fertilised often and it is not a heavy feeder. But to support its growth and keep the leaves growing healthy, you can apply a mild fertiliser once every Spring Season

Q4. What should you do if the Black Jack Snake plant leaves are turning yellow?

Ans. Yellowing of a Black Jack Snake plant leaves can indicate watering problems. Regulate the watering frequency.

Q5. What should you do if the Black Jack Snake plant leaves are drooping?

Ans. If perciving drastic weather changes this is the result of it. Also note the lighting conditions and requirements of the plant to avoid the leaves drooping.

Q6. What should you do if the Black Jack Snake plant's leaves have dry tips?

Ans. Underwatering is causing the dry and wrinkled leaves on a Black Jack Snake plant.

Q7. Is Black Jack Snake plant safe for pets?

Ans. The Black Jack Snake plant is not a pet-friendly houseplant.

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