How to Care for Money Plant NJoy

How to Care for Money Plant NJoy

Money Plant NJoy Care Guide


If you are looking for a versatile easy-to-care indoor plant, Money Plant NJoy makes a great choice. The different shades of green can bring even a boring space to life. Since this grows into a trailing vine-like most money plant varieties you can grow it in various kinds of pots. But what kind of environmental conditions and care does the plant need? 

Read on to find out. 


One of the most popular house plants. It is easy to care and air purifying.


How to Grow Money Plant NJoy? 

How to Care for Money Plant NJoy


Like other money plants, Money Plant NJoy can be propagated via cuttings from the vine. Select a section where there are healthy nodes and root the cuttings in water before planting them in a pot. 



How much sunlight does Money Plant NJoy need?

How to Care for Money Plant NJoy


Money Plant NJoy can be nurtured in a variety of light conditions. But the best would be a brightly lit spot that receives indirect sunlight. Moderate to bright light keeps the colours in the foliage intact. Low light can make the leaves look dull and direct sunlight can burn the leaves. 



How often should you water Money Plant NJoy?

How to Care for Money Plant NJoy


Money Plant NJoy needs to be watered only once or twice a week in moderate temperatures. Overwatering leads to root rot. So, allow the topsoil to slightly dry out before watering the plant

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How big does Money Plant NJoy get?

How to Care for Money Plant NJoy


Since the Money Plant NJoy is a trailing vine it grows depending on the type of pot you use and the vertical support that you provide for the plant. For a long and healthy vine, add a moss pole to let the vine climb. 



Is Money Plant NJoy easy to care for?


Yes, the Money Plant NJoy is a beginner-friendly plant. What makes it special is that it does not have too many tricky needs that a beginner will find hard to keep up with.

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It carries the charm of the money plant varieties but it has relatively smaller leaves than most others in this family. And the small heart-shaped leaves with their beautiful pale green details are, in fact, the signature trait of this plant. Get your Money Plant NJoy here. 




Q1. What temperature range can Money Plant NJoy tolerate?

Ans. In general, this plant loves warmth and so it thrives in summer. But it can also tolerate cold weather to some extent. The ideal temperature range for Money Plant NJoy is between 18 degrees and 30 degrees Celsius.

Q2. Does Money Plant NJoy need humidity?

Ans. Money Plant NJoy loves humid conditions. So, in dry weather, the best way to keep the vine growing healthily will be to spritz it with some water occasionally.

Q3. How often should you add fertiliser to Money Plant NJoy?

Ans. Money Plant NJoy does not need to be fertilised often. A mild plant feed applied once in two months can prompt the healthy growth of leaves and roots.

Q4. What should you do if Money Plant NJoy's leaves are turning yellow?

Ans. Yellow leaves on Money Plant NJoy are telltale signs of overwatering. While misting the plant ensure that there is no water dripping from the leaves or water accumulating in the moss pole. You do not want the soil to remain soggy.

Q5. What should you do if Money Plant NJoy's leaves are drooping?

Ans. Drooping leaves in Money Plant NJoy can be due to underwatering. If you think your plant is thirsty because it’s too sunny or hot, give it a drink of water and it should be back to form.

Q6. What should you do if Money Plant NJoy's leaves have dry tips?

Ans. If the air remains dry for a long time, it sometimes leads to the browning of the leaf tips on Money Plant NJoy. in such cases, gentle misting often solves the problem.

Q7. Is Money Plant NJoy safe for pets?

Ans. Money Plant NJoy is not safe for pets since the leaves are mildly toxic. If your pet has the habit of nibbling on the leaves of your indoor plants or picking dry leaves that drop on the ground, make sure to keep Money Plant NJoy away from their reach.

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