How to Care for Money Plant Manjula

How to Care for Money Plant Manjula

Money Plant Manjula is known for its gorgeous patterned leaves that burst into different shades of green as they grow. Also known as the Manjula Pothos, this trailing vine is one of the most popular beginner-friendly houseplants. One of the main traits of the money plant variety is that it can be nurtured in several types of pots including hanging pots and pots with a moss pole for supporting the vine. The pale green patterns on the heart-shaped leaves of the Money Plant Manjula are what makes this plant special. And this is one of the rarest in the money plant collection. Want to learn how to care for your Money Plant Manjula? Let’s find out. 


One of the most popular house plant and a must have. It has heart shaoed leaves and easy to care,


How much sunlight does Money Plant Manjula need?


Moderate to bright indirect sunlight keeps the Money Plant Manjula happy. The Money Plant Manjula is not too fussy with respect to the light conditions. The only kind of light to avoid will be harsh direct sunlight as this might affect the foliage.  


How often should you water Money Plant Manjula?


Money Plant Manjula needs watering once or twice a week. Ideally, the topsoil needs to dry out a little before you water the plant again. So, you might be watering it more often in summer and less often in winter. 


How big does Money Plant Manjula get?


The Money Plant Manjula has a pretty slow growth rate. The length the trailing vine attains depends mainly on the kind of support you offer for this climber. 


Is Money Plant Manjula easy to care for?


The Money Plant Manjula is not very finicky in terms of temperature and light conditions. It can be nurtured easily by placing the pot indoors or even on a shaded balcony.  


What temperature range can Money Plant Manjula tolerate?


The Money Plant Manjula does well at room temperature in the range of 16 degrees to 27 degrees Celsius. While moderate to warm temperatures are optimal for growth, the plant can also tolerate low temperatures.  


Does Money Plant Manjula need humidity?


The Money Plant Manjula loves humidity. In moderate to high humidity levels you will notice the plant thriving. Misting regularly ensures that dry air does not make the leaves dull and lifeless.  


How should you propagate Money Plant Manjula?


All the pothos varieties are pretty easy to propagate. Make sections of the vine with each section having at least one node. The sections can then be rooted in water or placed directly into a pot. 


How often should you add fertilizer to Money Plant Manjula?


Mild fertilization every month keeps the plant growing in full glory. But during winter as the growth slows down you can stop fertilizing the plant until the temperature gets warm again.  


What should you do if Money Plant Manjula's leaves are turning yellow?


The Money Plant Manjula can tolerate overwatering to some extent but you will notice the leaves turning yellow. If you start adjusting your watering frequency as soon as this happens you can prevent root rot from persistent overwatering.  


What should you do if Money Plant Manjula's leaves are drooping?


While it’s optimal to let the topsoil get a little dry, allowing it to stay dry for a long time leads to drooping leaves in the Money Plant Manjula.  


What should you do if Money Plant Manjula's leaves have dry tips?


Dry leaf tips in a Money Plant Manjula is often a sign of poor humidity levels. Misting brings the plant back to form.  


Is Money Plant Manjula safe for pets?


Like most pothos plants the Money Plant Manjula is also toxic to both humans and pets. Keep the vine away from your pets.

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