How to Care for Anthurium Chocolate

How to Grow and Care Anthurium Chocolate: Healthy Growth

How to Care for Anthurium Chocolate


The leaf spathes that are heart-shaped and waxy are often mistaken for flowers. The vertical spikes on the stems hold the bunches of tiny flowers in these plants.



Anthurium Chocolate care guide 

How to Care for Anthurium Chocolate


Anthurium Chocolate is a NASA-certified air-purifying plant. This unique plant is noted for its deep chocolate brown leaves.

How to Care for these gorgeous beauties? Read on to find out more. 


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How to Grow Anthurium Chocolate

How to Care for Anthurium Chocolate


Anthurium Chocolate can be propagated during summer and the best way to do this will be through stem division. 

Choose a mature plant that’s ready to be repotted and separate sections in such a way that each section has healthy roots for the plants to grow and thrive in its new pot. 

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How much sunlight does Anthurium Chocolate need?

How to Care for Anthurium Chocolate - Sunlight


For the best growth and the healthiest blooms, place Anthurium Chocolate in a brightly lit spot away from direct sunlight. 

Insufficient light and low light conditions often prevent blooms and can slow down growth. Direct light is also not good for the plant.

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How often should you water Anthurium Chocolate?

How to Care for Anthurium Chocolate


Aim to keep the potting medium slightly moist for the Anthurium Chocolate plant. This can be achieved by watering the plant once or twice a week in moderate weather. Water it more often in summer if you think the soil is drying up quickly. 



Is Anthurium Chocolate easy to care for?


Anthurium Chocolate requires moderate levels of care and it might not be the first recommendation given to absolute beginners

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How to Care for Anthurium Chocolate 

Here are some tips and tricks to care for Anthurium Chocolate:

  • Another thing can be the lack of sufficient humidity in the air. Misting the plant during low humidity conditions helps avoid this issue.
  • But to maintain healthy roots and preserve the natural shine in the foliage, it’s recommended to apply a mild fertilizer once in 3 months or so.
  • For healthy leaves and blooms in an Anthurium Chocolate plant, try to maintain high levels of humidity. And don’t forget to mist the plant when the air gets dry. 


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But having tried your hands at houseplants, if you are looking for a more exotic one to add to your indoor space then Anthurium Chocolate is a good choice. 

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Q1. How big does Anthurium Chocolate get?

Ans. Anthurium Chocolate is a relatively small plant that can reach a height of about 1 foot when it receives proper care and sunlight.

Q2. What temperature range can Anthurium Chocolate tolerate?

Ans. The plant does well in Indian summer as it loves warmth. The plant can also tolerate cold weather conditions for brief periods.

Q3. How often should you add fertilizer to Anthurium Chocolate?

Ans. Anthurium Chocolate has a slow growth rate and the plant does not get too big even when mature. But yes, like most other indoor plants this one does not grow much during winter and therefore does not need to be fertilized during this period.

Q4. What should you do if Anthurium Chocolate's leaves are turning yellow?

Ans. Overwatering is one of the most common causes of the yellowing of Anthurium Chocolate leaves. Finally, too much sunlight can also burn the leaves and turn them yellow in some cases.

Q5. What should you do if Anthurium Chocolate's leaves are drooping?

Ans. The plant hates being overwatered or underwatered. When the plant is sad because of watering issues it sometimes shows up in the form of drooping leaves. Watch the plant closely and adjust the watering frequency to avoid this.

Q6. What should you do if Anthurium Chocolate's leaves have dry tips?

Ans. Brown leaf tips occur due to too much sunlight. If you have placed the Anthurium Chocolate plant too close to a sunny window, try moving it slightly away from the spot to see if that solves the issue. Overwatering and underwatering can also sometimes lead to the browning of the leaf tips.

Q7. Is Anthurium Chocolate safe for pets?

Ans. Anthurium Chocolate is a NASA-certified air-purifying plant but its leaves can be toxic to pets, especially when consumed in large quantities. Place the plant in a spot where your pets do not have access.

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