7 Different Ways To Grow Indoor Plants Without Soil

7 Different Ways To Grow Indoor Plants Without Soil

Grow Indoor Plants Without Soil


Curious about how to grow indoor plants inside without using regular soil? Do you want to discover how you can grow plants without soil? How about growing some in sand and others in water or other substrate? Perhaps with a different growing medium? There are a few options. 

Explore growing certain plants in different ways with growth media without soil. Read below to discover 7 different ways to grow indoor plants without soil to add vibrant greenery to your living space. 



Can we grow plants without soil?


Yes. Certain houseplants can probably grow in the absence of regular soil. Some examples include philodendron, lucky bamboo, and orchids. Instead of regular soil, use sand, coco peat, air, hydroponics, or more to grow these plants in containers or even pots. To ensure a proper supply, place some water at the base. This creates an atmosphere in which the roots of these unique plants can grow and get all of the nourishment their tough hosts require.



Different Ways To Grow Plants Without Soil


Are you ready to grow indoor plants without soil? For safe indoor plant growth, soilless gardening can teach you new approaches. Learn seven different ways to grow plants without soil:


  1. Water (Hydroponics)
  2. Air
  3. Wood And Bark Flakes
  4. Coco Coir ( Coco Peat)
  5. Sphagnum Moss
  6. Leca (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate)
  7. Sand


1. Water (Hydroponics):


7 Different Ways To Grow Indoor Plants Without Soil - Water


One popular option to traditional soil planting is water gardening or hydroponics, which lets growers better control how the plants grow and flourish while also letting them be put anywhere in the house in bowls, vases, or any other containers they like.

To propagate, simply immerse the cutting in water (in a glass, jar, or any other container you have). Replace the water every 5-7 days or whenever it becomes cloudy, just like you would with fresh flowers. After a few weeks, you should notice roots. Once the roots develop, you can put the freshly planted plant in the soil.

Water gardening plants for indoor and outdoor planting options include Anthuriums, Calatheas, Devil's Ivy, Philodendrons, Lucky Bamboo, and Peace Lily.



2. Air:


7 Different Ways To Grow Indoor Plants Without Soil - Air


Air plants (Tillandsia) are great plants to grow in the air (without using soil) because they can grow without soil or roots. According to reliable sources, over 600 air plant species thrive by absorbing water and nutrients from the leaf surface. They can live in such habitats for years. Use wire mesh or thread to securely attach these plants to driftwood, cork, or branches or poles. Simply spray them occasionally.



3. Wood and Bark Flakes:


7 Different Ways To Grow Indoor Plants Without Soil - Wood and Bark Flakes


Plants benefit from bark and wood particles' water retention and root aeration. They provide a consistent supply of nutrients since they disintegrate slowly over time.



4. Coco coir (coco peat):


7 Different Ways To Grow Indoor Plants Without Soil - Coco Coir


Coco coir, commonly known as coco peat, is made from coconut husks. This one-of-a-kind substance is extremely porous, increasing air circulation and drainage to promote healthy root growth in almost any potted plant. Possibly the best water retention system in the world.



5. Sphagnum moss:


7 Different Ways To Grow Indoor Plants Without Soil - Sphagnum Moss


Sphagnum moss is a lightweight substrate that offers a humid and acidic environment that is ideal for the growth of many plant cuttings, such as pitcher plants, orchids, ferns, mosses, and Venus flytraps. It also improves root aeration since it is porous. Moreover, this lightweight substrate can store 20 times its weight in water, providing plants with continual moisture. It also successfully prevents bacterial growth, resulting in a healthier environment for plants.



6. LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate):


7 Different Ways To Grow Indoor Plants Without Soil - Leca


LECA is made up of burned clay pellets derived from volcanic rock. It is ideal for plants because of its high porosity and honeycomb-like structure, which ensure proper substrate aeration. On top of that, LECA has the capacity to soak up water and regulate how much water your plants actually get. Orchids, Monstera, Snake plants, Fiddle-leaf figs, rubber plants, and Ficus are among the plants that grow well in LECA.



7. Sand:


7 Different Ways To Grow Indoor Plants Without Soil - Sand


Sand is a naturally occurring granular rock that is made up of fine mineral particles. It is a key component of the industrial mineral aggregate, which also contains silica and other related minerals. This may appear impossible, but succulents and cacti can grow in sand. You may be asking how this is feasible. Sand offers the necessary drainage to prevent root rot, which is the leading cause of death for both types of plants. 

However, sand does not contain all of the necessary nutrients. To promote continuous growth, use organic matter like compost or coconut coir.





Planting without soil offers unlimited creative and adaptable possibilities. Hydroponics, where plant roots are cultivated in a mineral solution or inert media, can yield good results. You might also use ‘coco coir', 'sand',' sphagnum moss’, ‘air’, ‘wood and bark flakes', or ‘Leca’. Growing a flourishing indoor garden lets you do all these things. Traditional soil gardening should also be considered. Try multiple approaches to see what works best for you.

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