Corporate Plant Gifting Trends in 2024

Corporate Plant Gifting Trends in 2024: What You Need to Know

Introduction to Plant Gifting Trend


This year, “2024”, corporate gifting is evolving significantly, with sustainability and environmental responsibility taking the stage. Moreover, environmental concerns are on the rise, and in response, companies are looking for ways to lessen their impact on the planet. Such businesses are known as sustainability champions. And gifting plants supports this idea. More than just perfect gifts, employees and clients appreciate “eco-friendly like plant gifts” that show support for the corporation's personnel's well-being (including biophilic upgradation) while providing remedies for Earth's developing climate concerns. 

Like other eco-friendly gift services, Greenkin is leading the way in this field by providing meaningful, sustainable gifts. For birthdays, weddings, corporate celebrations, and employee recognition, Greenkin plant gifts have grown popular as thoughtful and environmentally friendly gifts. But why is going green so popular, and have plants become great corporate gifts? What are the latest trends in giving plants as business gifts in 2024? Let's learn here.



Why are plants becoming the best Corporate gift?


Plants are becoming the ideal corporate gift for various reasons, including:


Health and Productivity Boost: Research has indicated that the presence of plants in the workplace can enhance employees' well-being. Plants detoxify the air and enhance oxygen, boosting effectiveness. Furthermore, plants can boost productivity, stimulate creativity, and reduce stress. Giving plants as gifts to employees is a practical way for corporations to support their well-being.


Sustainability Advocates: Every business is searching for methods to show its commitment to sustainability amid all of the rising environmental concerns. One excellent approach to achieving this is by gifting plants as gifts. In addition to serving as a symbol of the business's environmental consciousness and ethical behaviour, plants purify the air we breathe.


Branding and Aesthetics: plants add a conventional clinical corporate setting with a hint of natural beauty. By placing planters and arrangements in appropriate locations, they can improve visual attractiveness, provide a relaxing impact, and even help to establish brand identification. The addition of even one well-placed plant can brighten up a traditionally gloomy workplace.


Adaptability and customisation: plants make the most considerate gifts, and you can actually tailor them to any extent. No matter the event or the individual receiving the present, businesses may add a personal touch by customising planters with logos or messages. Various plant species have distinct symbolic significance for businesses. With this personal touch, the present becomes truly unique and memorable.


Affordable and Enduring: Plants are an excellent option for regular business gifts because they take a long time to mature, giving the receiver more time to appreciate them and the donor more pride in their act of compassion.


Positive Public Relations: Gifting plants helps the environment and employees. Additionally, it enhances a corporation's brand by demonstrating its concern for sustainability and social responsibility. Additionally, this may serve as an incentive for prospective employees, collaborators, and customers who share similar values.



Here are the Corporate Plant Gifting Trends in 2024 


Gardening-Based Workshops and Experiences:


Corporate Plant Gifting Trends in 2024 - Workshops


Moving beyond the corporate gifting world, workshops on plant care, propagation, or terrarium setting up are taking centre stage. Not only do employees learn about the plant through these engaging and fun activities, but they also create wonderful memories as a team.


Sustainable Planters and Packaging:


Corporate Plant Gifting Trends in 2024 - Sustainable Planters


With environmental concerns growing, corporations are beginning to use planters composed of recycled materials, biodegradable pots, or even repurposed containers. By using recycled paper and as little plastic as possible, the packaging is becoming more environmentally friendly.


Tech-Integrated Smart Planters:


Corporate Plant Gifting Trends in 2024 - Smart Planters


Giving plants as gifts now includes technology. In terms of popularity, fluorescent planters with light sensors, self-watering mechanisms, or even connectivity to mobile applications are highly anticipated. This adds a creative touch to the gift and eases plant maintenance.


Rare/Exotic Plant Varieties:


Corporate Plant Gifting Trends in 2024 - Rare Plants


Many individuals consider it important to highlight uniqueness often by gifting rare or exotic plant varieties. These include Air Purifying Plants, Low-Maintenance Plants, Pet-Friendly Plants, Indoor Plants, Trending 25 Plants, Indoor Flowering Plants, Colorful Plants, Creepers & Climbers, and more.


Plant-Themed Gift Baskets:


Corporate Plant Gifting Trends in 2024 - Gift Baskets


When combined with other elements, plants can make a well-balanced and incredibly beautiful gift. For example, pair a flowering plant or potted herb with a cookbook or gardening tools.


Initiatives for Plant Adoption:


Corporate Plant Gifting Trends in 2024 - Plant Adoption


Some corporations work with affiliated nurseries or groups to implement initiatives for plant adoption. The ability to adopt and care for a selected plant would increase employee responsibility and promote an enhanced awareness of connection with the natural world.


Virtual Plant Gifts:


Corporate Plant Gifting Trends in 2024 - Virtual Plant Gifts


In the current digital era, virtual plant gifts are becoming a more and more popular choice. Companies like Greenkin offer digital gift cards so that recipients can choose plants online or just make a cash donation in their honour to environmental organisations. Nevertheless, plant subscription services, which deliver plants to employees' desks, are another trend. 





Plants as gifts are becoming popular in the corporate world for various occasions. Indoor plants show corporations' growing commitment to sustainability, employee well-being, and a greener future. Moreover, corporate plant gifting will move beyond basic gifts in 2024. Nowadays, plant gifts are becoming more personalised and suited to the recipient's tastes. These plant gifts are even more remarkable because they typically reflect the sending company's values, such as promoting diversity and sustainability.

Now, are you also prepared to embark on the Green Gifting Revolution and contribute to the development of a more promising and rejuvenated future for your corporation as well as your employees? Then, experience Greenkin's corporate plant gift and revolutionise the corporation and yourself for the future!!

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