Cobra Fern Care Guide

Cobra Fern Care Guide

How to Grow and Care for Cobra Fern


The Cobra Fern, also known as Bird's Nest Cobra Fern, Asplenium Lasagna, is a stunningly attractive & rare plant that grows natively in Asia, Australia, & Africa. Its distinctive wrinkled, large, dark-green leaves set it apart. 

On jungle trees, it can grow to five feet tall & three feet wide. The leaves form a lasagna-like rosette. The plant's leaves impart a more tropical aesthetic to interior spaces. Good upkeep can make it a stunning addition to any room. So let's learn Cobra fern care guidance.


The Cobra Fern is a stunningly attractive & rare plant and which is best for your place.



How to grow a Cobra fern?

Cobra Fern Care Guide


To grow a Cobra fern:

  • Place the plant in well-draining, moist soil, using balanced fertilizer every 4-6 weeks. Ensure the pot has adequate drainage holes.
  • Maintain an 18-32°C temperature, water when the topsoil of the plant is dry, & maintain moderate humidity.
  • To promote new growth & maintain its shape, trim any yellow or damaged fronds.
  • If a plant grows too big for its pot or becomes too cluttered then you should repot it to a bigger one.



Is Cobra fern easy to care for?

Cobra Fern Care Guide


Yes, Cobra Fern are easy to care for because of their minimal requirements. Additionally, using a sharp gardening cutter or knife, cut through the stem on the final leaf node for the best propagation results. You can either grow more of the plant in water or plant it directly in soil. Look at the care guide for Cobra Fern (mentioned below).


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How to Care for Cobra Fern?

Cobra Fern Care Guide


The following recommended maintenance steps to care for Cobra fern include:


1. Sunlight Needs for Cobra Fern:


How much sunlight does Cobra fern need? Cobra ferns thrive best with indirect sunlight but may endure in lower light. Slowly increase light exposure if the fronds lose their beautiful color.



2. Temperature Requirement for Cobra Fern:


The Cobra fern needs 18-32°C indoors to grow. Also, protection from cold breezes & sudden temperature changes is crucial. Moreover, to mimic its natural habitat, the temperature must be lowered somewhat in winter.



3. Soil Requirement for Cobra Fern:


Cobra ferns thrive in a potting mix containing organic matter, peat moss, & perlite that drains well & is formulated specifically for ferns or houseplants.



4. Watering Guide for Cobra Fern:


How often should you water Cobra fern? Cobra fern soil should be moist but not waterlogged. When the top inch (2.5 cm) of soil seems dry, water the ferns. Additionally, foliage thrives in damp soil, so avoid drying out the soil.



5. Humidity Requirement for Cobra Fern:


Cobra ferns require moderate humidity. So, you might need to do something extra, like spray the plant or use a humidity tray to add more moisture to the air.


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6. Potential For Cobra Fern Growth: 


How big does Cobra fern get? Cobra Ferns can reach heights of 10 inches & 5 feet, with fronds up to 5 feet long, & 3 feet wide in their natural habitat.



7. Fertilization Requirement for Cobra Fern:


How often should you fertilize the Cobra Fern plant? Apply a mild, well-balanced liquid fertilizer to your Cobra Fern every 4-6 weeks throughout its growth phase. Avoid fertilizing in winter in order to nourish the plant.



8. Other Challenges & Troubleshooting for Cobra Fern:


Overwatering or underwatering can cause yellowing leaves, drooping leaves, & dry tips in Cobra Ferns. To prevent these issues, check soil moisture, cut rotted roots, monitor sun exposure, & use humidifiers or misting.


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Cobra Fern is well-known for its unique, large, dark green leaves. It requires little maintenance. It offers a tropical vibe to indoor settings, so follow the care instructions to keep it healthy.




Q1. What temperature range can Cobra fern tolerate?

Ans. Cobra fern can tolerate best at 18-32oC for healthy growth.

Q2. Does Cobra fern need humidity?

Ans. Yes, Cobra ferns need humidity. Therefore spraying or using a humidity tray may be necessary.

Q3. How often should you add fertilizer to Cobra fern?

Ans. Cobra Ferns need balanced liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season. Also, avoid feeding winter fertilization.

Q4. What should you do if the Cobra fern's leaves are turning yellow?

Ans. Yellowing Cobra fern leaves can be caused by excessive sunlight, overwatering, improper watering, or nutrient deficiency. Fixing the cause can help prevent yellowing leaves issues.

Q5. What should you do if the Cobra fern's leaves are drooping?

Ans. Overwatering or underwatering causes drooping leaves. Thus, adjust watering to resolve problems.

Q6. What should you do if the Cobra fern's leaves have dry tips?

Ans. Low humidity & overfertilization may cause dry tips in Cobra Ferns. Thus, using a humidifier or misting the plant, & controlling fertilizer can all help prevent it.

Q7. Is Cobra fern safe for pets?

Ans. Yes, Cobra Ferns are safe for pets.

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