Best Flowers That Close at Night

15 Best Flowers That Close at Night - Night Closing Flowers

Best Flowers Bloom During the Day and Close at Night in India


Ever heard about flowers that close at night? Some scientists believe that this self-serving or selfish behavior prevents pollen from becoming wet and heavy with dew. These plants are highly evolved. These tuck themselves for bedtime! As you know that Insects can more easily transfer dry pollen, improving a nyctinastic plant's likelihood of successful reproduction. 

Read on to find out our list of 15 Best Flowers That Close at Night. 



What causes flowers to close at night?


Charles Darwin believed that plants close up at night to reduce their risk of freezing. Conserving energy? You may have seen that certain flowers, much like people, tend to retire after the sun goes down. But they are not lazy. 

In cool air and darkness, the bottom-most petals of certain flowers grow at a faster rate than the upper-most petals, forcing the flowers shut. Brilliant and gorgeous, isn't it?

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15 Best Flowers That Close at Night 



Best Flowers That Close at Night - Hardy Water Lilly

This is an excellent fresh air. Think white, red, pink, yellow, changeable, peach/orange, and purple. Hardy water lilies are profuse bloomers that work well in small, medium or large ponds. Perennials in zones 3-10, hardy water lilies are available in charming colours. 




Best Flowers That Close at Night - Yellow Sundrop

The sundrop is also known as the sun cup and evening primrose, for the plant is part of the primrose family. The sundrop is also a perennial flower that blooms from May to June. However, before the yellow flower blooms, its buds are a bright red color. 




Best Flowers That Close at Night - Purple Winecup

The purple winecup is a mesmerizing flower like any other flower in the list. Its leaves and stems die back in winter, showing at most a small rosette of green leaves immediately above the root crown. The purple winecup is a beautiful flower. 

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Best Flowers That Close at Night - African Daisy

They are known as the daisybushes or African daisies.Its species have been given several common names, including African daisy, South African daisy, Cape daisy and blue-eyed daisy. Osteospermum is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the Calenduleae, one of the smaller tribes of the sunflower/daisy family Asteraceae. 




Best Flowers That Close at Night - Hibiscus


Hibiscus is a flower which only blooms during the day and closes in the night. Beautiful and found locally, it mostly blooms in all the seasons. The hibiscus flower only lasts a day, although many new hybrids have been bred which now last longer, even up to three days. 

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Best Flowers That Close at Night - White Water Lily

This sweet-scented water lily, is an aquatic plant belonging to the genus Nymphaea. Nymphaea odorata, also known as the American white waterlily, fragrant water-lily, beaver root, fragrant white water lily, and white water lily. 

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Best Flowers That Close at Night - Magnolia Tree

Magnolia is a flowering plant species in the subfamily Magnolioideae of the family Magnoliaceae. The range of occurance of the Magnolia species is disjoined, with a main center in east and southeast Asia and a secondary center in eastern North America, Central America, the West Indies, and some species in South America.




Best Flowers That Close at Night - Easter Cactus

Easter cactus, popularly called spring-flowering cactus (family Cactaceae), grown for its bright red blossoms that appear about Easter time in the Northern Hemisphere. It is known, in English speaking countries in the Northern Hemisphere, as Whitsun cactus or Easter cactus, and is a widely cultivated as an ornamental plant.




Best Flowers That Close at Night - California Poppy

California Poppy , is a beautiful flower. Eschscholzia, for other species in the genus some of which are also popularly called California poppy.


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Best Flowers That Close at Night - Dandelion

This hairy parachute closes when the air is humid, each dandelion seed is tethered by a thin tube to around 100 bristles. Thus forming the parachute-like structure. When seeds break free from the flower head, these bundles of hairs catch the wind and carry their seeds.




Best Flowers That Close at Night - Japanese Morning Glory

It is native to the tropical Americas, and has been introduced widely across the world. Ipomoea nil is a species of Ipomoea morning glory known by several common names, including picotee morning glory, ivy morning glory, ivy-leaf morning glory, and Japanese morning glory.




Best Flowers That Close at Night - Bloodroot

On a smooth stalk a single white flower, with a golden-orange center, grows beside a lobed basal leaf that often curls around the stalk, the flower is exquisite. Bloodroot, is known for its many-petaled blossom may open before the leaf has completely unwrapped. At first the leaf completely enwraps the flower bud, and events the plant reaches a height of 12-25 inches.




Best Flowers That Close at Night - Casa Blanca Lily

'Casa Blanca', no we aren't talking about Oscar winning movies. The plant is a beloved hybrid Oriental lily which is part of the Lilium genus.'CasaBlanca' has firm leaves with very large and beautiful fragrant flowers. Its gorgeous flowering bulbs bloom in mid to late summer after the Asiatic lilies, which earlier in the season. 




Best Flowers That Close at Night - White Ipomoea

Ipomoea lacunosa, the whitestar, white morning-glory or pitted morning-glory, you must have heard this name.  The word has been rooted in the Greek words ips and homoios, which translates to worm-like. Commonly referred to as "morning glories",  Ipomoea lacunosa is native to the United States and grows annually. 

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Best Flowers That Close at Night - Crocus


They are native to the Alps, southern Europe, and the Mediterranean and are widely grown for their cuplike blooms in early spring or fall. The beautiful purple flowers are unlike any other type. The crocus belongs to the iris family. 




To wrap it up, flowers closing at night is an example of nyctinasty. Nyctinasty is the circadian response of higher plants to the onset of darkness. Potential advantages by a plant from closing its flowers at night are to generally conserve energy and odor for daytime, when pollinating insects are most active and to maintain reduction in the risk of freezing. 

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