How to Care for Aglaonema Red Valentine

How to Care for Aglaonema Red Valentine

Aglaonema Red Valentine


Can a plant instantly uplift your indoor vibes and also eliminate the toxins in indoor air? Yes, Aglaonema Red Valentine can! With hints of deep green and rose pink on its leaves, this is a statement plant that fits seamlessly into any interior decor style.



Aglaonema Red Valentine Care Guide

How to Care for Aglaonema Red Valentine


Know someone who’s looking to take their first steps into gardening? Then this low-maintenance plant makes a wonderful choice. What does it take to keep an Aglaonema Red Valentine plant happy? 


Let’s find out. 



How to grow Aglaonema Red Valentine? 

How to Care for Aglaonema Red Valentine


The best way to propagate an Aglaonema Red Valentine is through the division of a mature plant. Crowded root-bound plants make the perfect choice for propagation. Remember to place the separated plants in a spot with indirect light as they might find it hard to cope with harsh sunlight while also developing their root system.


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How much sunlight does Aglaonema Red Valentine need?

How to Care for Aglaonema Red Valentine


The Aglaonema Red Valentine plant loves receiving bright to moderate sunlight. To keep the plant lively and preserve its natural colors place it in a brightly lit spot also ensuring that there is enough protection from the direct rays of the sun. 

The plant can also survive in corners of the room that are far away from a light source but the leaves might not be in their best colors. 


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How often should you water Aglaonema Red Valentine?

How to Care for Aglaonema Red Valentine


Aglaonema Red Valentine needs to be watered only once or twice a week on most days. Check the topsoil to adjust the watering frequency during summer and winter

Keep in mind that it’s fine to let the topsoil go slightly dry as the plant can tolerate drought-like situations but is vulnerable to root rot from overwatering. 


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How big does Aglaonema Red Valentine get?


A fully grown Aglaonema Red Valentine can reach a height of about 2.5 feet. As the plant gets bigger so do the leaves. 

Repotting the plant every 2 years ensures that the root system has enough room to grow and expand. A healthy root system is important for the plant to grow tall and bushy. 



Is Aglaonema Red Valentine easy to care for?


Aglaonema Red Valentine plants are pretty easy to care for. Given that this is a plant that does not come with many finicky care instructions even beginners can confidently try their hands at nurturing it. 


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That wraps up our guide for taking care of your Aglaonema Red Valentine. Belonging to the Chinese Evergreen family, this plant is suitable both for indoor spaces and outdoor shaded spots. 




Q1. What temperature range can Aglaonema Red Valentine tolerate?

Ans. Aglaonema Red Valentine is a warmth-loving plant. The optimal temperature range for the Aglaonema Red Valentine plant to thrive will be around 18 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius. The good news here is that the plant can also survive in low temperatures for brief periods of time.

Q2. Does Aglaonema Red Valentine need humidity?

Ans. For a happy Aglaonema Red Valentine plant try to maintain moderate to high humidity levels. The plant is also very forgiving since it can tolerate low humidity levels occasionally.

Q3. How often should you add fertilizer to Aglaonema Red Valentine?

Ans. Fertilize your Aglaonema Red Valentine plant once in two months in the warm season when the growth happens. During winter you can pause fertilization and resume when summer begins.

Q4. What should you do if the Aglaonema Red Valentine's leaves are turning yellow?

Ans. Underwatering and overwatering can both lead to signs like yellowing of the leaves on an Aglaonema Red Valentine plant. Moreover, this can also occur due to a sudden drop in the temperature especially if you have placed your Aglaonema Red Valentine plant outdoors.

Q5. What should you do if Aglaonema Red Valentine's leaves are drooping?

Ans. Again, drooping leaves can be a sign of improper watering schedules. Too much and too little water can both cause the leaves to droop. But if watering is not the problem check if the plant is placed in a spot that does not receive sufficient light.

Q6. What should you do if Aglaonema Red Valentine's leaves have dry tips?

Ans. Some new plant parents end up overwatering their Aglaonema Red Valentine and this leads to dry leaf tips. But this occurs especially when consistent overwatering causes the root system to rot. Another cause could be over fertilization. Too much fertilizer ends up burning the roots and can lead to the leaf tips turning brown and dry.

Q7. Is Aglaonema Red Valentine safe for pets?

Ans. Aglaonema Red Valentine makes a fantastic addition to your home according to Feng Shui as well. But keep the plant away from your pets as the leaves tend to be toxic especially if consumed in large amounts.

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