How to Care for Money Plant Green

How to Care for Money Plant Green

Money Plant Green, also known as Green Pothos is one of the most common indoor plants you’ll find in several Indian homes. With its heart-shaped leaves, this trailing vine is believed to bring good luck. What's more, it is pretty effective in removing common toxins found in indoor air. It’s easy to care for, easy to propagate, survives in a variety of environments and pot types, and also purifies indoor air. For all these reasons if you wish to add the Green Money Plant to your houseplant collection, then read to find out everything you need to know about caring for it. 


How much sunlight does Money Plant Green need?


The Green Money Plant is not very finicky when it comes to sunlight. It can survive pretty well in diverse light conditions. But moderate to bright light conditions work best. This hardy plant can also tolerate low light conditions. However, avoid direct sunlight since it can burn the leaves. 



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How often should you water Money Plant Green?


The watering needs of the Green Money Plant are very similar to that of most indoor plants. Water it once or twice a week during moderate temperatures and more frequently, if required, during summers. In the winter, extend the time between waterings as consistently damp soil might lead to root rot. 


How big does Money Plant Green get?


In its natural habitat, when growing in the wild that is, the Green Money Plant can grow into long vines reaching about 60 feet especially when they climb a huge tree. In an indoor setup, with some care and a little patience, it can grow up to 10 feet or more. Adding a moss pole for support makes so much difference. 


Is Money Plant Green easy to care for?


If you are looking for a plant that’s not too fussy about the growing conditions, then the Green Money Plant should definitely be on your list. It is pretty easy to care for even for beginners. 


What temperature range can Money Plant Green tolerate?


The Green Money Plant can tolerate moderate to warm conditions, perfect for Indian households. The ideal temperature for the plant to thrive will be 20 - 35 degrees Celsius. It can tolerate low temperatures too but you should be careful about avoiding overwatering the plant during cold weather conditions. 


Does Money Plant Green need humidity?


The Green Money Plant grows well when the humidity levels are moderate to high. If you think that your indoor air is getting drier, misting the plant occasionally will keep it happy. 


How should you propagate Money Plant Green?


Like most other vines, the Green Money Plant can be propagated through stem cuttings. If you have a long vine, you can divide it into multiple sections and have each one grow into a beautiful vine of its own. But ensure that each section you make has at least one node for that’s where the roots emerge. When it comes to root formation, one of the easiest ways to do it will be to prop the cuttings into a container filled with water, with the nodes submerged. Once the root emerges, you can plant the cuttings into their respective pots.


How often should you add fertilizer to Money Plant Green?


The Green Money Plant does not need frequent fertilization. A mild plant feed applied every two months is enough to keep the plant healthy and happy. In the winter, it does not need to be fertilized. 


What should you do if Money Plant Green's leaves are turning yellow?


If you notice the leaves turning yellow and falling off, it is a clear sign of overwatering. It’s alright to let the soil dry out a little bit before you water the plant again. Do not let the soil stay damp all the time.  


What should you do if Money Plant Green's leaves are drooping?


During summers, if you let the soil stay dry for too long, you might notice the leaves curling and drooping. Watering the plant again should bring them back to life. 


What should you do if Money Plant Green's leaves have dry tips?


Dry leaf tips can be due to low humidity levels. Ensure that the solid does not get too dry and mist the plant or increase the indoor humidity levels to avoid these issues. 


Is Money Plant Green safe for pets?


Both the stem and the leaves of the Green Money Plant are toxic to pets and mildly toxic to humans as well. Wash your hands thoroughly after making stem cuttings for propagation and keep the plant away from pets.

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